We need you!

Lets grow together!

As a growing business, we are always looking for talented individuals to help Visionary Hub Space continue to expand. If you too would like to grow your freelancing business, why not get in touch.

See below for the skills we currently need an extra pair of hands with.

N.B. We’re looking to work with Freelancers based only in the UK, Australia and the U.S.A. Sorry, no interns.

Fields of expertise

Graphic design
Logo Design
Adobe Tools
Creative Design & ideas!
Web development
Plugin Development
JavaScript and jQuery
etc etc
Brand Design
Brand Messaging
Brand Positioning
Brand Development
Sales Consultants

Can you excite clients, account manage and generate revenue through sales?

Virtual Assistance
We need book keeping, someone to help send out our invoices and put together business proposals.
Web Designers
All things front-end design!

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