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Christopher Barker

Christopher Barker

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So our assumption is that if you’re reading this news article you may have come across us from a quick Google Search, or you have clicked on the bottom of some of our competition websites we have created and seen that we made them. If so, that is great!

For the past year Visionary Hub Space has been working with a very niche market and have catered for high-risk business models, many of which have been Competition Skill based businesses.

During this time, we have found out where the strengths and weaknesses are when building websites and one of the biggest are getting confirmation of a merchant to offer your business a payment gateway to actually take payments.

When working with competitions businesses we work extremely hard to ensure your project is smooth sailing from the initial first call right through to getting a merchant in place for when your website is at the stages of launching. 

So far we have been able to deliver a 100% pass rate for companies requiring a merchant, but there are a few things you need to consider.

  1. Paypal & Stripe DO NOT offer their payment gateway to competition based websites companies – See terms for Paypal & Stripe 
  2. Other merchants will likely work with low-risk companies that have less of a chance of a chargeback, refund or closure of business

Why we partnered with two competition website payment gateway merchants

The reason we partnered with two payment gateways is because we wanted to offer a solution for high-risk companies, i.e CBD, Competition, Gambling, the more work we have been doing for high-risk businesses the more we have had to also adapt to as the terms and conditions constantly change by the merchants themselves meaning we have had to adapt to ensure any new high-risk business we work with passes those terms in order to get an account set up, these changes can mean the website checkout needs a specific feature, terms and conditions on the website need to meet specific needs etc.

What this means for your high-risk competition business

This means that our clients have a greater chance of having a merchant agree an account set up. Visionary Hub Space is the merchants go-to website design business that has streamlined our way to ensuring you pass all checks on account sign up and onboarding is smooth sailing.

How it helps competition businesses

There would be nothing worse than having to wait weeks to be approved a merchant account, and by having two partners this means you get to pick and choose which merchant is right for your business. Accounts in most cases can be opened within 24 – 48hrs with one of the merchants and money made from sales can be released to your bank within 7 days. 

We know just how important it is to get you a merchant for your high-risk business.

Case studies

Check out our latest case study with our client 7days Performance

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