We spend so much time in our business, and for some smaller businesses they spend almost 7 days a week am-pm building their new business, for some companies they have built their business for years and years but sometimes one of the most important elements are missing, and that is professional Commercial Photography, very often using a blend of mobile photos and paid for stock imagery, not only does this make your website photos and Social Media posts look ‘odd’ it also looks cheap and not well thought out.

As a professional commercial photographer (Simon Watson) it’s always great to work with people who appreciate what professional imagery can do for their business.

I understand that for some businesses it can be a lot to absorb when crafting photos that really make your brand stand out.  Good photography is never cheap, but when you put so much of your time, energy, and money into building your business It is important to make the investment to showcase what you have and what you’ve done.

Here are 5 excellent reasons to do so:

1. The truth is, when running your one man band or a business filled with employees your customers want to see whos behind it, most people want to engage immediately, that requires headshots and supportive imagery.

If you don’t sell your most valued asset, YOU and your employees, your message to your customers may mean you’re willing to cut corners.  A commitment to quality starts and ends with good, strong and impactful imagery that captures your client base and draws them in.  In other words, ‘show’ your customers who you are and what you’re about, don’t just ‘tell’.

2. Be prepared with marketing/advertising material. Advertising and marketing opportunities can sometimes happen very quickly, esp if you need advertising for print media or online ads, video requests, reviews etc. Having that quality imagery on hand and ready is imperative for your business and having it professionally done means it will always be on hand and ‘Awlays on brand’.  Low cost stock is an alternative but it’s also not specific to your business and will not look on brand.


  1. Visual impact. It’s now known that it takes 66% of ad space being visual before most people will stop and really take notice this is typical when running Facebook ads, Google ads etc.  Words help yes such as Google Search Ads, but studies show that customers will spend up to 75% more time reviewing ads if they contain imagery. Replace good imagery with impactful imagery and  your success rate will be a lot better.

4. As I mentioned above stock photography is not specific to your business and you have to pay for it, most companies that offer stock imagery that is good (But still not on brand) is run through a subscription service meaning over the year you will pay quite a lot. On top of that you may be paying for one time rights each and every time you use those photos.

More importantly do you really want your competitors using the same image you just paid for? Probably not. You should be proud of everything you have accomplished with your business and showcasing what you have done by using real photography.

5. Remember, when looking for a professional photographer you are not paying for ‘their good gear’ you’re paying to use their talent, and their attention to the ‘details’ when taking your photos, depending on your business every shot will count! If you own a jewelry store you expect those shiny blue and red sparkles in your ring photography shoots, the close ups on the vintage Rolex crown and dial pattern! (Scroll up a little) 😉 All of this should be second nature to a photographer who does it well and maybe of even more importance, the ability to listen intently to the client, decide on a plan of action and carry that our flawlessly.  Once again, this all about how you, your employees, and how your products and services are portrayed.

How do I go about Commercial Photography?

5 Top Reasons to Hire a Commercial Photographer it’s time to put it into action.

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